Book Sale! πŸ“–

Way  two Saturdays back, I was itching to buy  a new book. Thrifty as I am or what I want to claim to be πŸ’, I went out to find the nearest book store I can find that sells old books. Thanks to Google Map, I found this store ⬇

(Credits to Nan De Guzman)

I know anyone can easily go to Booksale store since it is basically everywhere but person it was a joy to find it near my home πŸ™†. I can actually just “walk it away” .πŸ’ͺ 

The store is located along Chino Roces Avenue (going to Waltermart Makati). It is inside the Makati Square. 

It is just right after the Afficionado stall. Just go straight in (do not turn right! I went that way and realized how stupid I was! I went in circles!!! 😱😱.)

Anyway, I bought 3 books from my favorite author and it had only costs me around P330.00. How cool is that!!! 😎 

What I appreciate with this store is that books are somehow neatly piled up. It is really easy to find the books you want since they are all in one place. πŸ‘ The staff are friendly as well. πŸ‘

I’ll definitely go back for new books! πŸ‘Œ


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